Off-site Backup Solutions

Traditional methods of backing up data on your corporate LAN server, workstations and remote laptops usually involves a backup tape storage unit. Normally, a set of tapes is created and cycled round through different days of the week. Provided the data can be fitted onto the capacity of the tape system, and provided someone checks that the backup has actually been done successfully, this system will allow you to recover data from a hardware failure. To protect your data if the hardware is either stolen or damaged by fire could be more tricky. Does anyone take the tapes off-site every day ? If they are stored within the building and there is a fire then probably the tapes will be destroyed too. It is also very difficult to remember to take the tapes off site religiously, and to remember to bring them back ready to be reused next time they are required in the tape cycle!

To the rescue comes an off-site backup solution. Up until now the telecommunications systems to link your company or PC to a suitable remote-backup site have been simply too slow to be effective and successful. But now, with the advent of broadband technologies, it is possible to move the required amount of data up to the remote server within the available time period (i.e. overnight or at weekends) while the data is not changing during a working day. This is made possible not only by broadband, but also with some clever software programming. The package we use, called NovaNet-WEB, is produced by NovaStor Inc. in the USA (, and uses patented FastBIT technology to not only compress the data into the smallest possible amount before transmission, but it works at the byte-level within files and data. Once the initial (quite large) upload of data is complete, from then on the system sends a modified backup onto the remote backup server - but it backs up the changed bits of files rather than whole changed files like traditional backup mechanisms do. This keeps the data uploaded to an absolute minimum. We have options available which can even backup OPEN databases such as Oracle (i.e. while they are live).

Another advantage of the system is it will store all the changes made to files for 30 days (longer if needed by an individual user). For instance, if a document on your server was in constant use and changing on a daily basis, it will be possible to recover it as it was on ANY of the preceding 30 days!

The service is available for a low monthly charge, which will be dependent on how many machines are to be included in the backup, what amount of data storage space you will need on our servers, how often you require your data backed up, and how much data will be uploaded (i.e. changed on your system) during each backup. Typical charges will be in the range £50 to £150 per month, depending on the circumstances involved. There is no long contract to enter into either.

To use the service you will require the NovaNet-WEB client software (provided by ourselves) to be installed on any machines that need to be backed up, and a broadband connection except for the smallest amounts of data to be backed up (in this case we have dial-in facilities using conventional modems). We will be happy to set the service up on your systems free of charge, and our help desk will answer any queries you may have during backing up or restoring your data.

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