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Domain Registrations

Yellowstone are members of Nominet (the UK domain name registration authority) which enables us to register domains ending in .uk DIRECTLY without 3rd party involvement. As an Accredited Registrar you can be sure that your domain is in safe hands and that all the rules and standards applied by Nominet are being adhered to. The “Accredited Registrar” status has only been granted by Nominet to a limited number of it’s total registrants.

We also use 3rd party registrars to register domains ending in other suffixes (such as .com, .net and .org.

Currently domain name registrations are running at an all time high, and the availability of some domains is now fairly restricted. Therefore it is advisable to register your company’s name as quickly as possible.

In general there is no restriction on who can have any particular domain name. For example: xyz.co.uk is available to the first person who wants it. The general exceptions are as follows:

  • Where the name is a registered trade mark. In gereral anyone registering the name of a trade mark will lose it to its rightful owner in the end. For example if you had managed to register ‘coca-cola.com’ the soft drinks company would force you to hand it over by using the courts
  • The domains .ltd.uk and .plc.uk. can only be registered to the company of that name. Check with Companies House, who deal with company name registration. In these cases your company registration number will be needed in order to carry out the domain registration. Nominet has in place checks to ensure that no such domain names are registered to the wrong organisation or individuals
  • The domain .net.uk is reserved for Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) only

It should be noted that under current rules all other domains can be registered by anyone. Beware: Your domain name is not safe until it has been successfully registered for you!

Once the registration process has occured and you have your website name, it must be hosted somewhere. Yellowstone can also provide this service at a very competitive price. There are two types of domain hosting which Yellowstone can provide:

Where the domain is simply ‘parked’ and is not in general use.
Where it is fully active and linked for use with email facilities and web space.

For more information about Yellowstone’s web hosting service click here.

Registration Process

As we generally know most of our customers, Yellowstone do not use an automated process to register domains. You will normally have been referred to this page having spoken to one of our representatives. If not, please contact us after you have filled in the details below.

You should read the general terms and conditions of Domain Registration, Refund and Renewal

If your chosen domain name ends in .uk you should read Nominet’s terms and conditions too.

Please fill in the form , confirming acceptance of the relevant terms and conditions, which will then be sent to our registrations department.

Please contact us for assistance

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