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We provide a wide range of services from Network Design and Installation to Web Development.

Web Hosting

Yellowstone provide a range of web hosting solutions for a variety of customers, ranging from student hosting up to full e-commerce solutions hosted on their own dedicated servers.

We can provide tailored solutions to suit every need, and have been hosting websites for over 25 years.

All of our servers are hosted in state-of-the-art data centres, with redundant network links and full backup facilities.

When choosing what sort of hosting package you need for your website you should consider the amount of storage space required, how many “hits” the site is likely to have per day, and whether there is complex coding / processing required to run it. As a general rule of thumb, the more hits the site will get, and the more processing it requires the more powerful the server needs to be, or the less websites that server box should be hosting. Sadly this does also mean your hosting fee increases correspondingly !

All of our servers are hosted in the UK or very close to the UK in Northern Europe. They all provide very fast response times (very low ping times). We can also provide dedicated IP addresses for secure certificates to operate correctly.

Yellowstone’s hosting system currently consists of a number of hosting boxes. Some are dedicated to single customers or applications, some are general purpose boxes serving many small web sites, some are designed for hosting bigger sites and therefore have far fewer websites running on them.

We also have our own Primary and Secondary DNS servers (hosted with different ISPs and data centres), an incoming email spam filter (to remove as much as possible of the spam and other junk emails floating around the Internet), and an outgoing mail relay through which all outgoing mail is routed.

Yellowstone web hosting is charged on a flexible basis.
Here are some typical charges:

Exact charges will depend on the bandwidth your site(s) will attract, how much processing power the site(s) need, and how many other customers can share the hardware box.

Our servers support most of the industry-standard languages and features, such as MySQL, PHP, ASP, SSL, WordPress, CGI scripting, Ruby, Laravel etc. We can also tie multiple domains together into a single unit, for either web traffic, email or both.

We also have direct control over the DNS entries for all domains we hold for our clients, enabling us to react quickly to changes they require. Our primary domain server is UK-based, our secondary ones are EU and US-based, helping to ensure reliability.

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