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POP / IMAP Mail Systems

There are two types of mail hosting generally in use today – the Office365 / Microsoft Exchange systems in use by most of the business community, or the old legacy systems of POP and IMAP.

POP and IMAP were the original email protocols and are considered insecure now. They should only be used in a non-commercial setting. They have the advantage of being either free with your web hosting or very low cost.
The size of a mailbox tends to be very small, so traditionally the emails are usually downloaded into an email client (such as Outlook).
POP and IMAP services do not generally “share” between devices very well, though IMAP is better than POP for this purpose. Even with IMAP it is not really possible to have the “sent items” of an account shared with more than one device.
If you are looking to use your email address on more than one device (eg. phone and computer) then the only proper way of doing this is via Office365 or an Exchange-based system.

Yellowstone host hundreds of websites and POP / IMAP mail is provided with all of our web hosting. In addition all of the incoming mail is filtered by a Spamwall spam filter, which removes up to 95% of the junk email before you are able to see it.

For advice and assistance with POP and IMAP email, please contact us.

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