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We provide a wide range of services from Network Design and Installation to Web Development.


Yellowstone have been designing and building our own PC’s since 1990. We are not in the business of building the cheapest PC’s around. We use only the best components available, using ‘branded’ parts in all cases. These components enable us to design and build PC’s with a high reliability record.

Excluding problems attributed to software, we currently experience around only 1.5% component failure (leading to machine downtime) on new PC’s within their warranty period. This figure serves as testament for Yellowstone’s policy of only seeing our customers when they have additional requirements. Visiting for maintenance work is a waste of your time and ours.

To this end we can design and build PC’s to your exact requirements:

  • To your specification
  • To suit your budget
  • To run your applications & other requirements effectively

Whether it is a business PC or a home PC we will design and build the perfect PC for your needs.

We can also design and supply graphics workstations to run CAD and other highly graphics-intensive applications.

As well as our own brand PCs we can also supply ready-made machines from several leading manufacturers including Acer, Asus, Dell, HP and Lenovo.

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