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Gaming Machines

Yellowstone has considerable experience in building gaming machines for both basic home use to serious game play.

Building a gaming rig is always a trade off with the amount of money you wish to spend on it.  The main areas to consider are the processor (CPU) power, the amount of RAM, the amount of storage space required and the graphics card.  In each of these areas there are a wide range of parts – in general the faster or higher spec a part is, the more it costs !

Graphics cards currently range from £50 – £2500

Processors range from 4 core / 4 thread to 64 core / 128 thread

Typical main RAM size ranges from 16 to 64GB

Hard drives (gaming grade SSDs) range from 256GB to 4TB

In order to design a machine you are usually best to decide on a maximum budget available, and check the minimum specifications laid down by each of the manufacturers of the games you want it to be able to run.   A compromise must then be found between the amount you wish to spend and the combinations of parts you can get for that budget !

During and since the coronavirus pandemic there is a considerable shortage of high end gaming parts, especially the higher end graphics cards. 

Contact a specialist at Yellowstone for further help and advice on building a gaming machine.

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